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Time, Money, How do You Evaluate art/craft?

How much time does it take to make art? Is time a factor in equating value? When trying to sell products for a profit, isn’t it true “time is money?” These questions have always been a conundrum to me.

The logical answer to how much time does it take to make art is: AS MUCH TIME AS IT TAKES, to do the job. But when making things to sell, the cost of labor is a part of the formula for calculating profit.…

Why I do what I do

Ever think about why you pursue a certain activity, pick a certain job or follow a certain career path? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. It might be because I have reached an age – 60 ( although I do not relate to this number at all) where I thought it was important to examine my chosen path and see if I was still content.

I needed to examine where I am now and see if anything I wanted or needed to do was glaringly absent-dreams I may have had, activities I always wanted to do, or trips that I wanted to plan.…

The Art of Taking an Art Workshop

There are so many wonderful Felting and Surface Design workshops available around the country as well as in Europe, that I never have a problem choosing one. This summer I might have overdone this luxury a little too much by choosing three in a 2 month period.

I chose two of these classes specifically for the teacher, the other class because of the subject matter. I was taking one five- day workshop in Surface Design with Jane Dunnewold, one three-day class in¬†felting a garment with Charity Van der Meer, and another five-day class with Sachiko¬†Kotaka, a co-inventor of the Nuno Felt process.…