Teaching My First Hat Class


A challenge for me

I decided to try my hand at teaching a Wet Felted Hat Class. I have taught beginner felting and scarf making but this class would be a real challenge for me, because there is a lot of information to be given to create a successful hat. The week before  I made a demo hat ,in order to get my notes and written instructions down. But I also gave myself a challenge- I wanted to lay many more layers of wool then I had before in order to see the difference in the quality of felt, so this hat had 9 layers on a side instead of the 4 the class laid. ( Jury is out on this still , i am doing another to see)

Making a wet felted hat using a resist

Demo hat












A full Day of felting

The class was a full day of felting , talking and sharing. Amy had never felted before so we spent some time learning how to pull the wool in easy to lay “shingles”. Being able to lay even layers of wool fiber down  takes a lot of practice but by the end of the laying of 8 layers  for the hat , she was getting the hang of it.

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