Why Am I Writing a Blog NOW ?


Why am I writing a blog in the first place? This is a good question  since writing a blog has been something I have never quite understood. Who needs another blog, right? But I guess that is like asking who needs another book? Not that I am or ever will be claiming literary value here.  But I guess the most honest response to my why blog now is this;  I have just taken 3 workshops in the last week on the merits of  using Social Media to help build your business.  One of my teachers was Matt Tommey, a basket weaver, advertising man, and a member of The Southern Highland Craft Guild  of which I am also a member. And the other was Wolf  Hoelscher,  an editor and publisher of Pubmission and Bull’s-Eye Writing Services. They both talked about how Social Media-(Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Hootsuite, YouTube, Linked In) are all ways to connect, engage, inform, and enhance new relationships. Since these are things I am definitely interested in, I thought I would explore blogging to this end.

I understand a blog is not the place to advertise your product-  that is a definite no no, but somehow by writing about things you are passionate about,  have questions about or  think you can offer help to someone -these are the reasons to blog. So here I am… now.

My passions are few and complex: creating art and creating wearable art by making  Nuno felted garments and accessories and my passionate dislike is living the life of an older artist in todays younger computer savvy techno world and trying to learn how to keep up.

So stay tuned in , as I begin my blogging journey, to bitch, inform and relate.


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  1. tracy

    well, hello and welcome to blogland 🙂 for me, the blog is a ‘virtual’ meeting place that has enabled me to meet wonderful and interesting people i probably would not have got to know otherwise (and it is great when you get to really meet someone you have got to know online). i think that writing down some of my thoughts/experiments/processes also helps me to get my thoughts in order in my head and the interaction has led me down paths i may not have considered otherwise. like anything, it has its drawbacks but i hope that you’ll find these outweighed by the positives 🙂


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