Multicolored Nuno Felted Tank Top

Multicolored Green orange blue Nuno Felted tank Top with beaded neckline flared waist

In this nuno felted, reversible and seamless tank top I used many different types of fabric: hand dyed silks,and some synthetics achieving  a great variety of textures, as you can see in the photos below.  The front neckline is hand beaded.

When all was said and done with this top, i looked at it and thought, wow this color combination looks familiar. I looked around the room and guess what It was exactly the same colors as my parrot Garth, a macaw!!!

You just never may know what  you are inspired by, but the forces are always playing on your mind and influencing you. I guess that could be good or bad. In this case I am glad I imitated nature, she does such a good job.


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